Playwright: Nina Raine
Director: Dámaso Rodriguez
Scenic Designer: Tal Sanders
Costume Designer: Gregory Pulver
Lighting Designer: Kristeen Willis Crosser
Sound Designer: Sharath Patel
Stage Manager: Michelle Jazuk

Original Performance Dates

February 3 - March 1 2015


Photography by Owen Carey. (c) Artists Repertory Theatre 2015. *Original Music by Louis Prima, Phil Harris, Bruce Reitherman, Bill Cantos, Dan Teppere, James Levine, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra & Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Lorne Balfe, Queen, Bratislava City Choir, Capella Istropolitana & Jaroslav Krcek, Daniel Teper, Laura Sullivan, Mozart.

Tribes - Artists Repertory Theatre

Despite the fact that most of the transitions had pre-existing scripted music, we were able to do lots of interesting things with the sound design. Firstly, like the character he was portraying, the lead actor was also hearing impaired. In one scene the lead character removes his hearing aids and the audience was invited to aurally experience what the character and actor experience every day. To capture what he hears, I used hypercardiod microphone elements embedded in full enclosure headphones to capture a recording of the lead actors head and hearing system to recreate this experience for the audience. At the end of the first act, one of the actresses plays the piano live leading into the end of act transition. We needed to find a way to keep the piano playing while the actors left the stage. I suggested, researched, and set up a midi controlled piano that was synced to the projection computer and would trigger different video effects as different notes were struck by either the actress or the midi controller that was feeding the player piano.