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Ibsen in Chicago

"In 1882, an unlikely ensemble of scrappy Scandinavian immigrants converge to put on a play in boomtown Chicago. As this ragtag group of new Americans rehearse a controversial new play written by their fellow countryman, their various enmities and misunderstandings take on vaudevillian proportions."


Wig Out!

"When the House of Light is challenged to a surprise ball by the rival House of Di’abolique, they’ve got to leave it all on the floor to defend their family’s Legendary status. Fueled by a sizzling R&B playlist, WIG OUT! is a divine exploration of drag ball culture, chosen family, and the desire to be desired."

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"A scintillating contemporary drama centered around Billy, the only deaf member of his family, whose search for family acceptance as he delves into the Deaf Community sparks often funny but fierce tensions at home."


The Royale

"When an unconventional boxing promoter hatches a plan for the ‘Fight of the Century’, Jay “The Sport” Jackson might land a place in the ring with the reigning white heavyweight champion. But at what cost?"

Paris Commune

"The first musical to be produced by the Reed Theatre Department in the new Performing Arts Building, tells the story of the political revolutionaries who took over the city of Paris in 1871. They were frustrated with the French republic. They were poor. The country had turned its back on them. So they took over their city. They declared themselves independent. They envisioned and built a new, equitable framework for self-government. And then it all fell apart. Originally devised by The Civilians (a NYC-based ensemble) in 2012, Reed Theatre students mounted the second production ever of this energizing, politically-charged musical." 

Free Outgoing

"Modern technology and old-world values collide in this internationally acclaimed and timely play about a middle-class home in Chennai torn apart by an indiscreet cell phone video that’s gone viral."


"In a single night, everything can change. Strippers and anarchists, AIDS and addicts collide amidst snowstorms, inflatable cows, suicidal dogs and, of course, eviction. Redefining the show that defined a generation, this is our RENT. There’s no room for fear, and no day but today."