Playwright: Stephen Adly Guirgis
Director: Kevin Jones
Scenic Designer: Tal Sanders
Costume Designer: Bobby Brewer-Wallin
Lighting Designer: Peter West
Sound Designer: Sharath Patel
Stage Manager: Tozzi McDowell

Original Performance Dates

February 25 - March 30 2014


Photography by Owen Carey. (c) Artists Repertory Theatre 2014. *Original Music by Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z, Pharrell William, Miles Davis, Roni Size, Daft Punk, Reprazent, Archie Shepp, The Neighbourhood, Jim James, Excision & Datsik, Gemini, Flux Pavilion, Alt-J, Sharath Patel.

The Motherfucker with the Hat - Artists Repertory Theatre

Urban grit, grime, and passion. The transitions served as continuations and pantomimes between actual scenes filling in gaps in the story. Through choreographed action and movement to music the stage hands shifted the set between three NYC apartments. Sonically, the music would play jazz and trip hop discordantly at times, other times it fitted seamlessly together, or the music would shift between jazz, trip hop, and modern contemporary pop all shifting around five distinct speaker banks. The elements of New York played a predominant character in the production and were emphasized by actual recordings of the City rendered to travel around the audience to give them the feeling that they were immersed in New York City; planes flying by over and across the theatre, subway trains running underneath them, and the noises of sirens flittering around the theatre.