Mary Stewart Poster

Playwright: Peter Oswald
Director: Elizabeth Huffman
Scenic Designer: Megan Wilkerson
Costume Designer: Russel Terwelp
Lighting Designer: Brian Guerreros
Sound Designer: Sharath Patel
Stage Manager: Jenn Lindell

Original Performance Dates

February 26 - March 22 2015


(c) Northwest Classical Theatre Company 2015. *Original Music by Phil & Gayle Neuman.

Mary Stewart - Northwest Classical Theatre Company

The music behind the production was period Elizabethan multi-instrumental orchestration performed by the Newman’s who created their own Elizabethan instruments and scored the music. Over the course of two days we recorded and mastered the prologue, transitions, and epilogue. The instrumentation was broken down into four channel surround where the melody and the harmony would come from different banks of speakers to complement each other like dialogue.