Blast from the Past - Website Circa 2006

In 2005, I created my first website to begin my sound design career. I moved to NYC and I was very fortunate to start booking work immediately and one job turned into the next and pretty soon I turned around and looked and it had been a couple years. I found myself online less and less and in the theatre more often. Years later as I explore the next stages of my career I find myself returning to the same starting point. I eagerly turned to my wife and the wonderful Jeff Hayes, and together, they helped me achieve this complete overhaul (it’s good to be married to a Production Manager… sometimes ;). On the 10th anniversary of my first website and as my gift, welcome to the Archive of my first site. On the right and below are a collection of screen shots and links to the reviews posted. Below are all the original portfolio audio samples. Enjoy! (and I promise not wait another 10 years to update again)